Ab Crunch: Abdominal Workout Tips and Techniques For Beginners

An ab crunch machine, is the most specialized abdominal exercise equipment to train the abs. Sometimes other devices are called “ab crunch machine” – even a bench. Here, we are talking about the classic abdominal crunch machine.

Such a has a seat, a back pad, food holds, and handles. It is solid constructed and has a smooth moving leverage mechanism. Good ones have a cushioned seat, a comfortable back pad, fixed food holds, and foam handle grips. Leverage arms support an effective crunch workout.

Some experts say this machine is the best for isolated abs training. The adjustable seat allows a secure position and optimized exercises for people in different sizes. Mostly those machines come with additional weights.

How To Use The Crunch Machine?

Take a seat on the ab cruncher, adjust it in the proper position, grip the handles and get ready to perform the crunches.

The first rule is: Concentrate and focus on the use of the abs. Inhale deeply and bend your upper body forward in upright position. Do not bend the neck. Keep the arms on the arm pads without pushing.

It is necessary but not easy to keep arms and legs out of the exercise activity. Do the crunches only by contracting the abs. Exhale while bending.

Keep in the bended position for a second and let the weight slowly pull you back.

Start with 10 reps. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds and perform the next set. In the first phase, you should find out the right weight what allows up to 15 reps. 3 sets of 15 reps should be a reasonable goal for exercises with the ab crunch machine.

Pros & Cons of Ab Crunch Machine 

An ab crunch machine helps to get rid of belly fat and to get a six pack. With regular exercise, there will be results in a few weeks, but such abdominal exercises have more benefits than to get to look better.Developing the abs will increase your breath power. Strong abdominal muscles support the lower back, force the digestion and increase the basal metabolism.

That means the ab cruncher will help to increase health, strength and better weight control. It is not easy to keep arms and feet out of the action. But the ab cruncher seems to be the best way to concentrate on the abdominal muscles and develop them well.

Could the ab crunch machine bring any disadvantages? Not really. Of course, it is not a multi purpose machine. On the other hand, that is just the advantage. It allows a well supported concentration on the abdominal muscles. Problems only can be caused by using it in a wrong manner – for example doing the reps to fast or pushing with the arms.

Short Summary

Work out with the ab crunch machine seems to be the best way to develop a six pack even better than with the ab crunch bench. The ab cruncher supports the correct performance of abdominal exercises in a secure way. The training has truly worthwhile side effects. Well developed abs increase breath power, support digestion and force the basal metabolism.

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