Ab Lounger Exercise

The ab lounge exercise machine, or ab lounger, is a workout hit. It looks like a comfortable chair and provides the same benefits as top abdominal exercise equipment in the gym. Everybody can afford one of the different types of ab loungers. Everybody can strengthen the body and get calories burned on an ab lounge exercise machine at home.

How to Use an Ab Lounger

It is no problem to buy an ab lounger online. They are easy to assemble. Pieces are numbered and, tools are provided. After less than half an hour one simply can take a seat on the ab lounger and feel like in a comfortable chair.

Strap yourself in and lay flat on your back. With hands on the side bars and slightly bend knees do crunches. One also can raise the legs and the upper body at the same time in “jack knife” manner. Experts recommend 20 to 25 repetitions and say with a daily use of the ablounge there will be results in two weeks.

Ab Lounge Exercise Machine 

With the ablounger, crunches are more effectively than on the floor and the danger of injuries decreases. It gives a better range of motion and supports head, neck and back while exercising. The workout does not only tone the upper and lower abdominal muscles. It also stretches the back and strengthens the back muscles. Legs and shoulders get also worked out. The ab lounge exercise machine is perfect for people, who want an effective workout at home. One can perform it while watching TV. That is helpful for busy people especially for women who have to be at home.

Using the ab lounger at home while watching TV, sounds like doing it not seriously. Everybody knows: Some light sets will not result in an abdominal six pack. Only to own the ab lounger, does not help. Most important is to use it properly – with or without TV. It would be good to practice with the ab lounge every day, but even a little exercise is better than nothing.

Some criticize that the ab lounger weight capacity ends at 250 lbs. Others criticize that some of the ab lounges are folded almost as big as unfolded. These last two points are helpful for buying an Ab Lounger. Heavier people should have a look at the capacity. People with small apartments should be aware that the ab lounger might not fit under every bed.

Final Word

Looking for an ab lounger, we can choose between different types for different prices. Some even come with a training DVD. To own an ab lounge exercise machine means to have the chance for a total body workout at home 24 hours – 7 days a week. One can easily strengthen the whole body plus getting the calories burned on an ab lounger whenever the personal timetable allows it.

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