Ab Roller Wheel Workout and Tips

The ab roller wheel is known for decades. It is small and suitable for the hand baggage. With a smile, some call it “wheel on a stick”. That nickname exactly puts it i a nut shell. Some simply call it “ab roller”. But that also is the name of another ab equipment tool.

Just Two Parallel Wheels with Handles

The 8 to 9 inches’ exercise wheels have rubber covered handles. That makes the grip secure and comfortable. For more stability, they mostly have double wheels. One variety is called power wheel. They come with additional foot pedals and can be used with the feet too. Their diameter is 14 inches.

Workout Tips

It is recommended to stretch before starting the workout. For the basic ab wheel exercise, kneel on the floor, grab the handles, and roll out slowly as far as you can. Do not hollow your back. Keep rolling till your hands are behind your head. Do not drop your body to the floor. Roll back immediately by concentrated pulling in with your abs and arching the back.

That sounds easy, but it is hard work. Do not forget to breathe. Start with a few reps and increase step by step. 10 reps are a reputable workout.

Some people work up to 4 sets of 25 reps what is a lot and not necessary. Find your own quantity.

Many fans say that the ab roller wheel workout would give you pain in the first time, but you would feel strong in your core soon. Even a 3 – 5-minute workout will show results.

The best tip for beginners:

Put the feet against the wall for support or limit the rolling by doing it toward the wall. The wheels come with a chart or even with a video. That helps to find a little exercise program fitting your goals.


There are tons of videos on the internet. Watch a few. Some are truly funny and nevertheless professional. Often people report their own experiences. That motivates to do the same and helps to create a healthy personal program.

Some Benefits of Ab Wheel Workout

The ab roller wheel gives lots of benefits. The most important: It provides one of the best core exercises in very short time. It works the whole upper body in one exercise. These exercises tone your abs, arms, shoulders, back, and chest. To strengthen more muscle groups in the same exercise saves a lot of time. Stronger muscles let you look and feel better. The increasing muscle mass will increase your basal metabolism. The body burns more calories, and you get your weight under control.

Despite different prices, exercise wheels are cheap and affordable for everybody. A veritable “pro” is the small size.

The ab wheel is not only beneficial to have at home, where you can do an excellent workout and then simply store the little tool in a cabinet or under the bed. But it also can easily be taken everywhere. Just have one in the car, and you are prepared for a complete upper body workout 24/7.

Some people call the “pro” – working out different muscles at the same time – a “con”, because it would not only focus on the abs. O.k. That is a question of your personal goals. Targeting just the abs, does for example the ab toner, whereas ab roller wheels make one of the best core exercises possible.

Others criticize that the workout has a high risk to do the exercises wrong and get neck or back pain or even get hurt. That is true. Ab exercises with the ab toner, supported by a head rest, are safer. Potential buyers should keep that in his mind. On the other hand, sports and exercises include a risk. Even in the gym, the machines have a warning sign. The most important: Do the workout carefully in the right way. Inexperienced people should talk to their medical doctor before starting such exercises.


The ab roller wheel is cheap and small, but it is a remarkably effective piece of ab equipment. Using it, you work out different muscle groups at the same time. You can take the little tool along and use it everywhere whenever you want. Nevertheless, the risk to perform incorrectly and to get back or neck pain, is higher than with devices which have head or back support. So it is crucial to do the workout properly.

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