Ab Slider Exercise

The ab slide is similar to the ab roller wheel, but it is not “a wheel on sticks”. It looks somewhat like a sturdy plastic beetle with a handle on each side. Ab sliders are small, lightweight, and portable. They are perfect for a quick and effective upper body workout at home and everywhere.

What Makes The Ab Slider Special?

Compared with ab wheels, these little guys have a significant plus point: A build in rubber band system which works bi-directionally.

It creates resistance when you push on the bars. When you pull back, it gives negative resistance. That allows safer and more controlled pushing. It gives increasing support the further you roll out. The ab roller wheel doesn’t have that support. You can easier go out of balance with the small wheel than with the ab slide.

This additional support makes the ab slide recommendable especially for beginners of every age who do not have strong core muscles. Ab slides come with an instruction guide that helps to do the workout correctly from the beginning.

About The Exercises

The main exercise is just like the basic exercise wheel training: Kneel and put the ab slide on the floor in front of you. For additional support put the feet against the wall.

Have the ab slide close to the body when you start rolling. That will give you the most support. Starting further away from the body will cause less support. Roll forward slowly as far as you can, roll back, and repeat. Don’t forget to breathe. A workout with the ab slider for only 3 to 4 minutes per day is recommended.

Benefits of Ab Slider

Although focusing on the abdominals, the ab slide exercises tone your obliques, waistline, chest, back, shoulders and arms too; all in the same work out. The exercises are easy to do.

With regular 3 to 4 minute training, you will get fantastic results like more strength. You look and feel better in a short time.

Of course, a six pack needs a while and an over average workout. Nevertheless, these few minutes of ab slide exercises bring significant benefits. They increase the basal metabolism and help to lose weight or keep the weight under control.

The bi-directional ab slider system avoids excessive strain on your back, supports a controlled use and lowers the risk of unhealthy mistakes. This is great, especially for beginners.

Ab slides are ideal to support a weight loss diet.

The tiny ab slide is perfect for the workout in the privacy of your home. It is easy to store and easy to take on tours. You even can take out the handles to make it less bulky. So you are ready for one of the shortest and most effective exercises whenever it fits in your itinerary.

There are always voices who criticise one would not lose fat with the ab slide exercises.

Compared to cardio training, it would be less calorie consuming.The question is: What do people compare – a 3 minute ab slider workout with 30 minute jogging? Do you know somebody who runs for 3 minutes and loses a significant amount of weight?

Long term ab slide training will build up muscle mass. With more muscle mass, the body needs more calories (higher basal metabolism). That makes long term weight loss easier and healthier.

People even get stronger bones with a regular muscle workout. Increasing muscles let the muscle tissue increase too. The muscle tissue leads the nutrition to the bones. That makes the bones stronger.

Another point of criticism is the plastic material. It would break after a while and not be strong enough for overweight people. Good thought, but price and durability of the ab slide seem to be in proper relation. Overweight people should have a look for the weight capacity.

Can The Workout Cause Backache?

Sometimes people complain of a backache from using the ab slider. That can happen, especially to untrained persons, because of to less strength to keep the body in position. That is easier with the ab slide than with the ab roller wheel.

Nevertheless: People should read the instruction to perform correctly, start carefully, and pay close attention not to overstrain the lower back muscles. It is always a good idea to talk to a medical doctor before starting any exercise program.

Short Summary

The ab slide is an stunning piece of abdominal exercise equipment. It gives impressive results in short time. Everybody can use it at home and on tour whenever the time allows it. Ab slides give an effective upper body work out in a few minutes. People only have to do it regularly. Ab slider exercises help to feel better, look better, and the clothes will fit better. Besides, the ab slide training provides a strong and effective support for any weight loss diet.

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