Ab Toner Workout at Home

Hearing the term „ab toner”, some people think of an ab toner belt. This article informs about the classic abdominal toner which is also called ab roller or ab trainer. The small rocker system is a curved frame with a head rest.

These abdominal trainers are constructed to support head, neck, and back during the exercises. Sometimes they come with a floor mat or a workout DVD. That little piece of abdominal exercise equipment is inexpensive, effective and ideal for a workout at home.

How to Use an Abdominal Toner

With the ab trainer, you can decide the area you want to tone. You can workout the upper ups, the lower abs or the obliques each or all of them together. The following exercise descriptions shall give you an idea and make you eager to try:

There is always the same base position: You lie down on the floor, or better, on a mat, the head against the head pad and hands on the frame.

For the most exercises, the feet keep flat on the floor. For example the basic crunches, whereby you slowly raise your shoulders about 45 degrees and then go back. Do not use the arms for the motion. Do it only with the abdominal muscles supported by the ab toner.

To train the obliques, go to the same base position, but then drop the legs to one side and raise in the same way. Then do the same by dropping the legs to the other side. With the abdominal toner, you avoid wrong twists.

Somewhat funny but extremely effective are bicycle crunches. Lie down, lift your legs, and peddle while simultaneously performing basic crunches.

To train the lower abs, you do the crunches with the legs together raised straight in the air.

Abdominal Toner Pros & Cons

Such exercises with the abs toner strengthen your abs without back and neck pain. Try all this without an ab toner and you will feel the difference. An ab toner/ab roller guides the spine in a natural movement. The headrest forces us to keep head and spine aligned. It helps us to perform optimized and effective exercises without the danger of injuries.

Effective exercises create a toned flat stomach and a slim waistline. The increased muscle mass gives a better look and feeling. In addition, there come benefits like better posture, better digestion, better basal metabolism, better breathing, and more power.

The abdominal toner is inexpensive, small, and not heavy. You can use it almost everywhere and whenever the itinerary allows.

Everybody can afford an ab toner and get the benefits.

Some people say: “We can do crunches without any abdominal exercise equipment. Why should I waste money and use an abdominal toner or something like that?” Of course, we can, but without the support of a guiding piece of abdominal exercise equipment, we can not perform such optimized exercises.

Simply crunch exercises on the floor can include mistakes like pulling the head with the hands behind or using the hip flexors to pull forward instead of only using the abs. That is unhealthy and less effective.

Another point of criticism is: You can not reduce the fat on the spot; on the abs in this case. Most people know that. Experienced exercisers know why they do aerobic workout as well and even control their diet. Beginners who have flabby abs muscles and start abdominal training will feel the difference soon. Trousers fit better on stronger muscles. With an ab toner, one can train and improve a large muscle group in short exercise time.

Final Word

Some call the abdominal toner the best device of abdominal exercise equipment. Best or not – it is great. It supports exercises concentrated on abs and obliques. It helps to avoid mistakes like pushing with the hands behind the head. It protects the spine and avoids back or neck pain. Last but not least, the ab toner is small, easy to handle, easy to store, great for a workout at home, and inexpensive.

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