Ab Wheel Effectiveness

You must have seen some people performing exercises with AB Roller or abdominal wheel. Using this simple abdominal roller, consisting a central shaft, a small bearing, and a wheel is a perfect tool to work with your abdomen and achieve flat stomach.

AB Roller exercises build not only six pack but also give abdominal strength, which helps to prevent discomfort in the lower back.

The abdominal machine allows you to work in a specific, distinct way on your abdominal wall. It involves rigorous as well as practical exercises. The best thing about AB Roller is that it hasn’t any hard and fast rule, despite the fact that it requires some prior preparations and proper techniques to achieve the best results.

Five Steps For Effectiveness Use Of Abdominal Wheel

  • Start from a comfortable position on knees. A mat may make it more comfortable
  • Stay on the handles of abdominal roller
  • Contract abdominal muscles to stabilize your core
  • Roll slowly forward with the abdomen and buttocks contracted, and push with the hips forward to carry out the slip. Hips, wrists, and belly should not touch the ground.
  • Slowly roll back to starting position.
ab wheel

With this simple exercise, you work with the frontal abdominal area. But you can also make lateral shifts (towards the left and the right) with this roller, strengthening the oblique abdominals. You can opt for making the exercises even harder by moving the wheel, on foot.

Sometimes there arises confusion about the times of performing an individual Ab Wheel exercise. Some experts suggest performing 10 to 12 times. While others suggest an exercise program be based on user level, three times in a week with one minute each time and five sessions a week with 2 minutes for each for advanced level.

Practical Session: Exercises With Ab Roller

A picture is worth a thousand words. Taking advantage of youtube, inexhaustible source of tutorials and demonstrations on different fitness routines, we have come across an interesting video of Phillip Geerts, strength, and fitness coach as well as sports nutritionist and therapist, also known as Merida Trainer in the online community.

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