IMG_2086That’s us, Steve and Jillian the creators of Home Gym Addict. I have a background (and 2 degrees) in strength and conditioning and physical education and was spoiled by having the luxury of a school weight room to train in whenever I wanted for about three years.  Things changed and I was no longer teaching in the same school with a weight room to myself.  I needed to join a gym again.  In March of 2015 we decided that we had enough of the the commercial gym scene.  I was frustrated with balancing two jobs and trying to find the time to train effectively while doing so.  Driving to the gym to do specific workouts only to find that the equipment wasn’t available that we needed or the gym was crowded became more than frustrating.  I had always toyed with the idea of building a home gym but was reluctant for more than a few reasons.  Space was a concern as well as cost and budget.  I didn’t want a home gym to be a half-assed downgrade in equipment that would send us back to a commercial gym with a whole lot of equipment in the basement that we would never use again after we both decided it was a dumb idea.  After Jillian completed her first powerlifting meet in February we were home on the couch and I started to research “how to unfreeze pipes,” and low and behold an ad came up within google for a Rogue SML-1 rack that had exactly everything that I wanted in a home gym.  Training in our basement has be a great experience that has allowed us to train without distractions and ultimately make some great progress (40lbs in 4 months?!)  We have learned exactly how to set up a home gym as well as some really effective training methods to use in your home gym as well.  We set up this site with the goal of passing on as much knowledge as possible.  Have questions about training or gym equipment? Feel free to reach out through the contact page and we will help any way that we can.