7 Best Ab Straps 2019 – Editor’s Top Picks

The aim of this article is to introduce you with the best ab straps. After digging a lot, we have found the following 7:

These are the best ab straps in the market. And, it is not something we are saying. But, this is what the users say.

What is an Ab Strap?

Looking at the words, it may seem like something you wear on your abs. But, no, it is not that. An ab strap is a tool you use to rest on while hanging from a pull up bar. Suppose you are sitting on a chair and place your elbows on the table in front of you. You rest on the elbows and leave your body weight on them. Now replace the chair by a pull up bar.

You are hanging rather than sitting. And replace the table by ab straps hooked up from the pull up bar. You rest your elbows and triceps on the straps. Leave your full body weight on them. Now you are no longer hanging. You are holding the bar for balance only. But you are on your elbows and triceps. And your body is in the air. So, this is the function of the ab straps. And this is what they are.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Choose 

We value both the home and gym users with equal importance. Thus, the logic we are following is: If the equipment is suitable for home, it must suit gym also. This is the most fundamental idea we kept in mind.

Also, we have placed ourselves in your shoes. In other words, the logic is: “If I were you, what would I look for?” And, considering the function of the ab straps, the factors we have taken into consideration are as follows:

1. Weight Capacity and Sturdiness:

This is not a metal made instrument. And you use it to rest your full body weight on it. So, it must be strong enough to do the job.

2. Flexibility:

Proper ab strap workout requires you to fit into it with ease. Not too loose, not too tight. So, the item must be flexible enough to cater all sizes.

3. Durability:

You want something that you can use for an extended period. So, the construction materials must have a logical durability.

4. Price:

How do you know if the price is reasonable? Consider what you can do with it. Consider how convenient it is to use. And consider how long you can use it. They together make the quality. The price is reasonable means it is proportionate to the quality.

Best 7 Ab Straps On The Market Right Now

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Straps

Highlighted Features
  • • Attachable to all multi-gym and pull-up bars
  • • Made up of rip-resistance fabric and steel carabineer
  • • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • • Sweat absorbent foam
  • • 1 pair
Highlighted Features
  • • Made up of steel grommets and long lasting woven nylon
  • • Heavy-duty steel carabiner attachments
  • • Comfortable brushed lining and padded straps
  • • 1 pair
Highlighted Features
  • • Usable with usual gym instruments
  • • Weigh capacity: 300 pounds
  • • Made up of robust polyester
  • • 1 pair
Highlighted Features
  • • Attachable to all pull up bars
  • • Made up of mountaineering standard steel and sturdy nylon
  • • Padded by thick foam
  • • Fast connection system
  • • 1 pair
Highlighted Features
  • • Attachable to all types of hanging or pull up bars
  • • Made up of steel gromments and strong cordura nylon
  • • Locking system
  • • Wipe drying system
  • • 1 pair
Highlighted Features
  • • Sling hanging system
  • • Long holding handles
  • • Spacious D-ring shaped steel clips for grip
  • • Made up of strong leather (Maya Hide)
  • • Sweat and rip proof
  • • Thick pad and extra wide
  • • 1 pair
Highlighted Features
  • • Usable with all pull up bars
  • • Strong canvas construction material
  • • Very comfortable
  • • 1 pair


You can do many workouts by using ab straps. But, what is the proper way to do it? We will answer by illustration by three workouts. Once you look at these workouts, you will know the formula. Then you can apply this formula to other relevant workouts.

Starting Position

Attach your straps to a pull up bar. Slide your elbows through them up to your triceps. Now release your body weight on your upper arms. Use your hands to hold the bar enough to keep balance only.


  1.  Leg Raises: Hang your legs straight down toward the floor. Do not shrug up your shoulders. Isolate your ab muscles and start bending your knees. Pull your knees up like you they reach your chest. Pull as far as you can. Stay there for 3 seconds. Then release your legs to go back to the starting position. Make sure to pull and release in slow motion.
  2. Trunk Rotations: Hang your legs down straight to the floor, like they are dangling. Bring them close together. Now circle them to the left, ceiling, right, and then floor. Perform all reps in the same motion and direction. Then do it on the opposite side.
  3. Oblique Knee Raises: Like the other two above, hang your legs toward the ground. Bend your knees upward to your left shoulder. Hold for 3 seconds. Return to the starting position. Then do it on the opposite side.
Final Verdict

We are no agent for any company. So, we hold bias against none. Thus, this is a neutral review. We have tried our best to analyze the data. And we have applied the criteria mentioned above in the "Factors Considered" section. All the items are the best of the bests. Yet, differences do exist. That's why the ranks came into play. But the ranking no way implies you will be wrong if you prefer either one. In our opinion, the top three are:

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Straps

2. Valeo Heavy Duty Ab Straps With Steel Caribiner Attachments

3. Iron Gym Ab Straps

You are free to agree or disagree with our ranking. But remember these 7 are the best in the market. So, grab one and enjoy your workout. Thank you.

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