Best Bench Press Rack 2019 – Review and Buying Guide

When people normally think of a home gym the thought of a bench press weight set comes to mind. This is fine, you should have some sort of bench set up in your home gym, however it doesn’t need to be the conventional bench that you see everywhere. Unless you are going to have multiple stations going at once in your home gym then you can get away with having one multipurpose station to bench in.

Best Bench Press Rack And Weight Set Guide

Our interactive table allows you to sort potential bench press options by the following criteria

  • Price
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Amazon Rating
  • Safety Options
  • Weight Capacity

Tips For Selecting Your Bench and Other Important Info

First, the amazon reviews are only applicable to products that are found on amazon.  This could be a viable option for many of you, especially prime members because you can save on shipping.  Weight capacity is a MAJOR concern with the options provided from amazon.  These almost always are rated by USER WEIGHT + BAR WEIGHT.  For this reason I would shy away from many of these options if you are training for strength.

You do not need to worry about Elitefts weight capacity ratings.  Simple as that, these things are tried and tested with the strongest athletes around.  If you are strong enough to exceed those weight limits then you definitely aren’t on this website.

Best Bench Press Weight Bench Table:

Product Name


Safety Options


Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench



 Check Price

Valor Fitness Olympic Bench



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Valor Fitness BF-48 Olympic Bench



Check Price

Rep 1,000 lb Rated Flat Weight Bench



Check Price

Rogue Bolt Together Utility Bench

1000 lbs


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I decided to go with the rogue flat utility bench 2.0 bolt together version. This fit all of our criteria and even comes with additional options such as thicker pads for comfort. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase after narrowing it down to a few choices.

PRO TIP– If you are going to be benching on any type of floor that is uneven then go with the bolt together model. It is just as solid however by loosely bolting everything and then letting it settle you can eliminate some of the rocking versus a one piece bench.

Why the Rogue Fl​​​​at Utility Bench 2.0?

Having a home gym almost always implies training solo at some point. For this reason and this reason alone I suggest that you abandon the idea of a strict bench press in terms of equipment that you buy. Unless you want to be a youtube star in the form of “epic fails” compilations then you are going to want spotter arms. A competition rack set-up with spotter arms just isn’t going to be economical.

Instead you should focus on how to optimize your pre-existing squat rack/power rack so that you can bench in it as well. This saves floor space and if done correctly actually works better than buying the cheapest Olympic bench that you can find.

In order to do this correctly I am going to mention the westside hole pattern again. This is a MUST if you plan on benching inside your power rack. The westside hole pattern allows you to set up the j cups of your rack in smaller increments to give you the optimal bench set up depending on your arm length.

Anyone who has tried to set up in a power rack with two inch hole spacing will nod in agreement. You are forced to unrack your weights from either too low of a position or one that is so high that you lose your tightness. Obviously a training partner is the solution here, but that isn’t always an option. The next best option is being able to adjust the bar by one inch increments from the west side hole pattern.

If you have followed our reviews of the rogue power racks and squat racks then you surely have found something that fits your needs and situation. The next option to consider before you are benching in your home/garage is the flat bench. These are usually called utility benches for good reason, you can use these for multiple exercises. A solid utility bench is needed if you are going to seriously bench press in your rack.

While in a pinch, most any bench will do there are certainly better and worse options out there. When choosing my bench I was looking for a few specific things. First, I wanted a wide bench pad. I don’t know if I believe that a wider pad is safer for your shoulders but it sure as hell is more comfortable. This was my number one concern. The second thing that I considered was the height of the bench. This is more specific to powerlifting, if you don’t compete then you might not need to worry about this. I wanted a bench with as close to competition specs that I could find. I ended up searching and finding that most benches were in the 18 in rank. I was looking for a bench that was as close as possible to that height so that we could practice how we played so to speak.

Bench pad material is the third consideration. I definitely didn’t want a bench that was rock hard, and offered some decent padding. I feel like this is something you either have to trust or try before you buy. I trusted that the bench I purchased would be comfortable (it had to be because I wasn’t buying any other style).

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