Best Effective Kettlebell Exercise For Abs

Sometimes it happens to many people that they have been doing some particular exercises for long, but there is no improvement or benefit they had been striving to achieve. So those activities have grown unattractive, and they no more enjoy that. In such cases, particularly when one aims to reduce fats and strengthen the ab muscles she or he can obviously opt for Kettlebell Ab Exercises, which has been proved to be very efficient as a piece of equipment to exercise with for fitness.

It is instinctive that when our body start to lose balance in any situation, the tissues in the body works together to stabilize the body. So when you pick up Kettlebell, it imbalances your body, in this way it makes your body tissues, particularly in the core of the body work extensively, thus it trains the muscle and flattens the abdomen and back, also strengthen the muscles in the arms and shoulders.

When one pulls a heavy-weight, something like Kettlebell, it takes effort and strength of the whole body. The body gets the energy burning the calories. At the same time, when one exercises with the Kettlebell, it makes the heart beats more. So the Kettlebell not only make you fit by training muscle it also helps your heart work better.

As a whole, the exercise is particularly recommended for the toning and strengthening the muscles in the abdomen. It makes one slim by reducing fat in the body. And the exercise is very enjoyable, great fun. Everyone can do the exercise.

The weight of the Kettlebell

The weight of the KettlebelI the Kettlebell is too heavy, it would be cumbersome to work exercise with, even it may injure you.If it is too light, then it won’t make any change; in both cases, it has no outcome.

Moreover, it won’t enjoy it at all, So it is crucial to choose or select the Kettlebell of the weight that suits you. In this article, some recommendations are made for you so that you can do the exercises in the best way, with maximum enjoyment and get most outcomes.

Some of the most efficient and suitable exercises are discussed below, which can help from the beginners to the experienced.

Five Best Kettlebell Ab Exercises

The five best kettlebell exercises include:

One: You hold a kettlebell high in one hand, take gap on your two legs, touch your one foot with the contrary, do it several times.

Two: Hold the kettlebell in your two hands together, then swing it in between the gap of your legs back and forth.

Three: Exchange your kettlebell from one hand to another around your waist.

Four: Bend your body on the ground, set your each of the hands on a kettlebell each, then pick a kettlebell, keeping the body in bend position on one hand, now do it alternately,

Five: Swing the kettlebell around your head like that is done before the hammer through.You can also do exercises more creatively with the kettlebell, for which study about it would be very helpful.

Tabata Kettlebell with Abs and Obliques Workout

This is a 45-minute exercise. If you can do its exercises routinely, your abdomen and obliques will be toned as well as stimulated. Besides, it would be very helpful for your cardiovascular system.

This routine involves cardio warm up, kettlebell tabata, abs workout and cool down and stretch. Kettle tabata one has to be 45 minutes active and 15 seconds of rest, each of the practice has to be done three times. The exercise begins with the warming up the body and then various kinds of exercises with the kettlebell are done, then there is a cooling down and stretching in the end.

The exercises with equipment include Swing, Halo, Renegade, Row, High Pull, Dead Lift, Alternating Lunge with Pass, Alternating Single Arm Swing. Among the Ab and oblique Workouts are Toe Touch Crunch, Pullover, Oblique Crunch, Russian Twist, Side Plank – Left, Side Plank – Right, etc.

Kettlebell Abs 15 Minute Workout Routine

These workouts are challenging as high level of fitness required. These include exercises like sit ups, crunches, torso rotation, Russian twist, etc.

Using kettlebell,You have to do up and down holding a kettlebell from lying in somewhere and move the equipment to different methods.

SixPack Kettlebell Abs Workout for Men

This exercise is for men who are strong enough to use kettlebell that weigh 16kgs. Also, it requires one to be very careful while doing the exercise. It involves lifting and swinging a heavy pair of a kettlebell, holding one down and another at high at the same time.

6 Minute Quick Routine

This exercise involves compound movements, which you have to do only six minutes on a regular basis. It involves moving kettlebell in various ways from different positions.

Kettlebell Core Abs Workout

This is a very useful exercise to burn fat and to strengthen the core. The activities are almost same to the quick routine.


So, to work the core muscles, to do cardio and burn fat, different kettlebell exercises are extremely useful for abs. You can get an excellent outcome of the exercise if you follow a proper diet besides these exercises.

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