Best Weight Bench Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The goal of this site is to give you information on the best adjustable benches and the best weight benches on the market so that you can make educated decisions before purchasing.  There are a few factors to consider when looking at the right weight bench for your situation such as:

  • Max Weight Capacity
  • Reviews
  • Cost
  • Style (flat, adjustable, olympic)

We have taken this information from some of the best and highest rated adjustable weight benches and put it into one easy to use table that allows you to sort the information based on what you believe to be important.

Types of Weight Benches

The first thing to decide when purchasing a weight bench is what kind of bench do you need exactly.  The term “weight bench” which you searched for is a bit vague.  Here are the most common types of weight benches

Flat Bench

The flat bench is used mainly to do flat bench press movements and accessory work.  This is the perfect option if you have a home gym with a power rack already set up so that you can now bench/squat from the same station.  If you are looking for a flat bench or a utility bench then you will mainly be looking at the dimensions of the bench pad and the reviews of the pad to influence your decisions.

Pro tip: The wider the better with a flat bench, it helps to save shoulders and is more comfortable.  Stay away from anything that is too narrow

Adjustable Bench

The adjustable bench is similar to the flat bench in its purpose, however it is much more versatile.  This bench can also be used to perform bench presses from within a power rack, however it can also be used for a variety of dumbbell movements at different angles.  Many benches will offer varying degrees of incline positions or decline positions for you to train from.  Weight capacity is one of the biggest issues when looking at adjustable benches.  Have an idea of your weight + how much you can lift for various exercises before making a decision.  The adjustable bench also has a huge price range so this is something to keep in mind.  The price is largely reflected by weight capacity, the heavier you train the more you will be looking to pay for support.

Olympic Bench

The Olympic bench is what most people think of when they think “bench press”.  This bench will come with support stands that hold a barbell and may or may not have adjustable options. If you are in the market for an olympic bench then you will need to consider whether or not you want the optional accessories (leg extension/curl attachments, incline/decline options) and the type of barbell that you will be using.  Rack width varies greatly with these types of benches.  Buyer beware.

How to Use The Weight Bench Interactive Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is set up so that you can sort each bench by the information that you feel is most important in making your decision.  Click on each individual column to sort by that specific category.

Capacity Rating Style Price
Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench 600lbs 4.7 Adjustable  Check Price
Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench 600lbs 4.5 Adjustable  Check Price 
Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench 600lbs 4.4 Adjustable  Check Price
Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench 500lbs 4.3 Adjustable  Check Price
CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench 400lbs 3.9 Adjustable  Check Price
PowerBlock Travel Bench (Silver) 550lbs 4.7 Flat  Check Price
Marcy Utility Flat Bench 300lbs 4.4 Flat  Check Price
Cap Barbell Flat Weight Bench 300lbs 4.5 Flat  Check Price
Valor Athletics BF – 48 Olympic Bench Pro with Spotter 500lbs + User 4.2 Olympic  Check Price
Marcy Diamond MD 857 Olympic Surge Bench 600lbs 4.1 Olympic  Check Price
XMark International Olympic Weight Bench Attachment XM-4424 700lbs 4.2 Olympic  Check Price

Best Wight Bench Review: Our Top Choices

Adjustable Bench: Bowflex 3.1Adjustable Bench

Our choice for the number one best adjustable bench on the market goes to the Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench.  This bench balances a great price point (145.29) with excellent features.  Bowflex is a reputable company with great customer service that has been producing quality products for years.  Some of the features included with this bench are

  • 300lbs capacity (including user)
  • Removable leg brace
  • 2 yr warranty on frame 30 day warranty on upholstery
  • 4 total positions (Incline, upright, flat and decline positions)
Check Price On Amazon

Flat Bench: PowerBlock Travel Bench

The PowerBlock Travel Bench is our number one choice for a flat utility bench as well as a top pick in the folding weight bench guide.  While this bench is a bit more pricey than other similar rated benches in amazon (almost double in price) I firmly believe that you get what you pay for.  If you are looking for a flat bench then you most likely are going to be doing accessory work in the confined spaces of a home gym type set up. Here are some specs

  •  FREE Shipping
    • Removable detainer pins let you fold legs into travel position
    • 550lbs capacity (including user)
Check Price On Amazon

Olympic Bench: Valor Athletics Inc. BF – 48 Olympic Bench Pro with Spotter

Our top choice for an Olympic bench is simple, when choosing an Olympic bench you want a product that is going to do one thing and one thing well.  Half assed leg curl stations with various attachments have no purpose if you are trying to push big weights.  The Valor Athletics bench offers these features

  • Adjustable spotter arms for safety
  • 500lbs + user weight capacity (highest we have found)
  • Diamond steel plate spotter stand for your workout partner
Check Price On Amazon

Final Thoughts

We have covered a lot of information about weight benches within this buyer’s guide.  Here are a few tips when trying to choose the best weight bench for your needs.  First, consider shipping costs into the pricing that we have provided.  All prices are directly from amazon and can change due to sales etc.  There are definitely some products that will fall into “free shipping” and could save you some money overall.  Second, consider what type of training you are going to be doing and what you NEED vs what you WANT.  If you plan on training with dumbbells than a simple adjustable bench such as the Bowflex 3.1 is all that you really need to get the job done.  In fact, if you want to save a few dollars then check out the CAP Barbell Adjustable Deluxe Bench as well.  Here is a review

Lastly, when in doubt, READ THE REVIEWS.  Pay attention to products that may sound good but have very few reviews compared to those that may receive a lower rating but have hundreds of reviews.  Amazon customers don’t lie, if there is something wrong with the product they will surely let everyone know.

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