Elitefts SS Yoke Bar Review

Christmas came a bit early this year, despite how late this post is but the holidays are a busy time.  The one product that we both agreed was missing from our home gym was some sort of safety squat bar.  I would always browse these bars online but never pulled the trigger or really wanted to until embarking on successfully implementing conjugate training.  Now, whether or not you want to use specialty bars, this is a must have.  Jillian was lucky enough to get this thing on sale for around 300.00 for the holidays.  At that price it’s a no brainer.  In around a week the bar was at our doorstep in this fine package

Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym

There is pretty much no assembly with the exception of screwing in the handles.  I wouldn’t really count that as the assembly because it takes as much brain power as loading a bar with weight.  If you can’t handle that you are in the wrong place, to begin with.  Speaking of brain power, the bar weighs about 20lbs more than a standard barbell.  It takes a bit to get used to however if you just stop caring about bar weight and what an SS Yoke squat is equivalent to in regards to your regular squat then it isn’t an issue.  If you really care then at 20lbs to the normal bar weight when you load plates.

Home Gym Addict Review of the SS Yoke Bar

This really is a great bar, the pad is comfortable and the chamber of the bar is perfect.  It does want to pitch you forward but that is also the reason that we wanted the thing in the first place.  Instead of making a list of pros and cons I will say this, the only draw back to the SS Yoke bar is the price + shipping.  If you are dead set on a safety squat bar then PLEASE forget about the pieces of junk of that mimic this thing.  Be patient and watch Elitefts for sales.  This thing will be available for around 300.00 at some point during the year (you might have to wait until December) so just wait it out if you don’t want to take the plunge a full price.  You weren’t training with a SSB bar before so you can stand to wait a bit longer.  I’ve used the Rogue SSB and I can say this is just a better product.

Things to keep in mind

Regular collars won’t fit on this bar, we have the proloc collars and they still don’t quite secure as tight as I would like.  Get a set of collars recommended for this bar because the plates do slide around a bit.

Will it fit in my power rack?

I have been using it with our monolift hooks in a rogue squat stand and it fits just fine.  I believe this has been made to fit in a rack as well as a monolift.

How to use the SS Yoke Bar

We have been using it for the following:

  • All sorts of box squats
  • Good Mornings
  • Free squats
  • Front squats
  • Triceps extensions

You will start to find that if given the opportunity you will use this bar vs. a straight bar squat.  I tend to have wrist and shoulder issues from heavy squatting sessions and this totally alleviates both problems.  Since acquiring this specialty bar my wrists and shoulders have been feeling noticeably better.

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