Getting Rid of Belly Fat And Build Your Own Abs

A thin waistline might be a thing of the past now that you have hit your forties. Getting rid of stomach fat can be easy though if you learn about proper nutrition and Ab exercises. Getting rid of stomach fat means fighting both external and internal forces that are causing this fat deposition. You might fight better if you know what to fight and how to fight.

Why Is There Belly Fat?

As you grow older and approach menopause your estrogen levels drop which causes a change in the site of fat deposition, making you vulnerable to belly fat and making getting rid of stomach fat difficult. Also, your satiety hormones decrease with age (hormones that tell your body to stop eating) which might make you hungrier than usual despite your normal food intake and along with sleep disorder common in menopause that can act as a combined factor for an increased appetite. Middle age means stress and stress means Cortisol. This cortisol can cause increased appetite to fight the hypoglycemia that the body communicates to the brain.

Why Would You Want To Do More Than Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat?

While being hard on the eyes this stomach fat can also hook you up to diabetes mellitus type 2 that is late onset diabetes associated with a lot of complications and also heart diseases and bone resorption. This can decrease the mineral deposition in the bones and make the bones softer and fracture prone. Getting rid of stomach fat can save you from these woes along with letting you fit into your favorite pair of slacks with ease.

How To Go About Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat?

To fight your body hormones you will have to do more than you used to. The usual exercises and restrictions might not work anymore. More exercise and lesser food might just be the beginning.

Crunches and sit-ups will not do the job; you need yoga and other harder exercises like the plank position. The cat pose in yoga in particular is helpful for getting rid of stomach fat. To do this exercise, get down on all fours like a cat and arch your back and inspire and expire deeply to work your deeper abdominal muscles. Pull in your stomach as much as you can and hold for 3 to 4 seconds. Now exhale, again forcibly for 3-4 seconds and repeat this entire process.

Also try to avoid packaged foods and junk food and foods that have saturated fat or trans-fat in it. Saturated fat contained in products like margarine for instance not only puts fat on your belly, it also redistributes fat onto the belly from other parts of the body thus acting doubly to induce weight increase on your belly.

Monounsaturated Fat Helps Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat!

Monounsaturated fat or MUFAS are found in nuts natural products, olive oil and seeds. These help burn your fat and you can easily start getting rid of stomach fat. Also avocados and whole grains burn your fat. Drinking green tea helps in digestion and also in getting rid of stomach fat. So remember to shop for these products and keep these products within reach as snacks for a thinner belly.

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