Hanging Ab Straps For Vertical Crunches Workout

Ab straps are great pieces of abdominal exercise equipment to work out the abs in vertical position. An ab strap is a sling, made from durable material.

For the workout, you put your arms in one hanging ab strap. During exercises with hanging ab straps, your body weight works as resistance.

Ab Strap Description

Ab straps are suitable for home workout, inexpensive, and easy to store, but they need to hang on something. So they often get offered as a set with a curl bar or chin up bar. The hanging ab straps are 6 to 8 inches wide and mostly sold as a pair. An ab strap is made of durable materials like polypropylene, nylon, or neoprene. The arm slings are padded, sometimes with foam. These heavy duties but soft materials make ab straps comfortable for the arms, and one can concentrate on the vertical ab exercises.

Ab straps have strong hooks which can easily be attached to a chin up bar. Some of the ab straps can support a weight up to 350 lbs. There is a wide variety of hanging ab straps available. The prices are different according to the quality. Most of the ab straps come with an instruction sheet.

How to Use the Ab Straps

With the ab straps, you can perform a proper isolated training of abs and oblique’s. Vertical crunches are a higher level of abdominal training. You work against the resistance of your body weight and the gravity, as well.

Put each upper arm in an ab strap and simply let yourself hang.

Your weight is supported by arms and shoulders; good feeling for the spine. With the lower body, you can perform crunches, leg lifts, and leg twists. Study the instruction sheet or watch videos in the internet to pick a few exercises for your hanging ab strap workout.

There are two general advices to keep in mind while exercising on ab straps:

Try to stabilize the body most intensively with abs and as less as possible with the back and the hip flexors. That is not easy, so be aware of that problem. Increased involvement of the abs optimizes the results and avoids back pain. Perform ab strap exercises slowly and not in a jerky manner. Don’t forget to breathe.

Hanging Ab Straps Pros & Cons

Ab strap exercises isolate the abs more than exercises on the floor. That allows optimized performances to develop those hard to train lower abs.

Hanging ab straps workout conditions the entire body. The benefits: You get stronger, a better shape, more muscle mass, higher basal metabolism, better weight control; and you feel better.

These are similar benefits to get with other abdominal exercise equipment, but the results of hanging ab strap training are more effective. That is proved by studies.

With hanging ab straps, your workout is more intensive and safer. The back is safer while hanging than it is during a workout on the floor. The cushioned straps and heavy duty hooks provide safety even for overweight persons. Ab straps are easy to clean and to store.

Ab straps seem to be the smallest pieces of abdominal exercise equipment, suitable to take them on trips. But don’t forget, you need a bar as well, what possibly not would fit in your suitcase.

People, who are inexperienced, could have problems to support the body long enough for a set of hanging ab strap exercises. They should not give up and start with as many as they are able to do and increase day by day.

Hanging Ab Straps Summary

Abs training strengthens the body and gives people a better posture and better feeling. Hanging ab straps are small, easy to store, and inexpensive pieces of abdominal exercise equipment, suitable for an effective abs workout at home. Putting each upper arm in an ab strap, one can perform in the vertical position. That makes the workout safer and optimizes the results. Scientific studies have shown: To train the abs supported by ab straps is the most effective method of abdominal workout.

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