How To get a Six Pack Fast? (Tips For Newbies)

At the outset, we must clarify a couple of points.

Is it possible to build six pack abs fast? Sure it is. How fast is fast enough? To be honest with you, there is no definite answer to this question. It is a blatant lie to set a time frame. Every person has different body built. Also, every person has an unique body mechanism. Thus, the timing varies. The truth is that, if you follow our recommendation, you will get a six pack faster than you would otherwise. But it is important to note that six pack abs stay with you forever. So, it is a one-time thing. Once you get it, you have it for a lifetime.

There is no magic wand for building six pack. You need proper exercise and diet to do the job. You need devotion and hard work.

Why Six Pack

Why do you need a six pack? For a good look. Yes, it gives you a good look. But, by means of a six pack, you get much more than a mere good look. Six packing workouts help you gain the most valuable fitness. To get a six pack, you must work on your abs. And, working out on abs muscles intertwines working out on fat.

Now, think about your money management. When you save some money after expenses, what do you do with it? You keep it in your bank. When you save some more money, you add it to your account. The more money you add, the fatter your bank balance becomes. – This is exactly how your body works with calories. Most of the times you intake more calories than you need. And the body transforms the extra calories to fat and stores it on your stomach. This process is like your money management system. The result is devastating. As much as it supplies the extra fats to other body parts like heart, it interferes with your movements.

So, getting a six pack means having a fit and safe life. And, of course, a six pack gives you a sexy look.


To get a six pack fast, you need to perform proper workouts. For quicker result, you need training and application of the “progressive overload” mechanism.


The best way to get six pack is to train by body weight.

You need to do only the essential free-weight workouts for abs. The only tool you need is a pull-up bar. You can use a small space of your home to set up a pull-up bar. So, to build a six pack, you don't need to go outside of your home.

Crunch, sit-up, and burpee are the best among the floor based workouts. We need knee raise, leg raise, and body twist. And also, cardiovascular workout is a must. These seven are all you need.

Progressive Overload

You need to apply the "progressive overload" concept. Under this principle, you use time, rather than weight, to change the intensity.Use your body weight. The number of reps and sets remains the same. But you increase the workout speed. Thus, make the working time shorter. And, day by day, keep making the time shorter and shorter.


There is an old saying: You are what you eat. As much as training, dieting is must also. Here is an outline of dieting:

  1. Eat low calorie food
  2. Eat lean protein
  3. Eat fruits and vegetables
  4. Drink a lot of water
  5. Eat small quantity at a time but more times in a day. You can divide your meals into six times.

Remember dieting doesn’t mean you don’t eat enough food. It means get full but watch what you eat.


Getting a six pack is very essential for basic fitness and a sexy look. And it is possible to get it faster than you think. Follow our training and diet recommendation. You will reach at you goal within a reasonable time.

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