Power Tower Workout For Abs

A power workout station is a piece of equipment you might have seen in the gym, or on TV. The power tower workout station is a popular choice for athletes, body builders, and other persons who take care of their physical fitness. This equipment can also be part of your home gym: at least it saves you having to pay regular gym membership fees.

The power tower workout station is good for toning and strengthening your upper body, although it can be used, with other items like weights and barbells, to work on almost every part of your body, such as your legs.

This power tower workout guide lets you in on the secrets of effective workouts for the killer abs and strong core that will greatly improve your physical fitness.

Let’s start with muscle groups that you can work on with the power tower.

Your Triceps

Not every exercise routine reaches your triceps. Fact is, the triceps can easily be under developed or completely overlooked by the typical workout. Not so with the tower power workout routine!

Toning and shaping your triceps can be easily achieved with the triceps dip. That you can do with the tower power triceps station!

A bonus with the triceps dip is that this routine also strengthens your shoulders and chest.

For a proper triceps dip keep your body balanced and centered. Lower your body toward the ground but ensure that you go below where your elbows are ninety degrees to your body. This is very important so that you get the most from your triceps dips.

For even more efficiency in your triceps dips, see the following tips:

​1 . Do your triceps dip after exercising your chest with push-ups. You’ll find it a little easier to do this exercise after a few chest building push-ups!

2 . Increase the resistance with a weight belt or ankle weight.

3 . Use your arms to push up, not your lower body to pull yourself.

You’ll notice that some models of power towers carry the pull-up bar on one side and the triceps dip station on the opposite side.

Other models carry both the pull-up bar and the triceps dip station on the same side. This kind of power tower is ideal if you don’t have enough space to work with.

Your Chest

One effective power tower workout routine involves push-ups! That’s right – push-ups that are great for training your chest muscles, as well as your shoulders, and triceps. Most power towers come with bars that are fixed. Others are flexible enough to decrease or increase the bar levels.

That’s great for increasing or reducing resistance if you want a more effective chest workout. Part of your power tower workout plan could include push-ups that can either be easier or harder.

Here’s the deal:

How hard or easy your push-up is depends on the weights you add in your routine. Add weights with a weighted vest. Or, use a chair beneath your feet for added difficulty.

You can also add variety to your power tower exercises, so for instance, when you lean forward with your push-up, the movement will work your chest muscles.

Use the power tower handles for deeper push-ups as well. It might be a little tougher but you will feel your chest muscles working as you go through a complete push-up workout with the power tower.

Your Back

The pull-up bar is what you’ll need to effectively train your back muscles. This you can find on your power tower. Models with a complete bar will allow you to choose where you grip for an easy or a more difficult pull-up or chin-up. Cross grip pull-ups are also possible with this type of power tower.

You have many ways for effective pull-ups using power towers with complete bars.

Other models carry two handles, spaced wide apart, which allow for wide grip pull-ups.

You might notice that a power tower with a complete bar will also allow you to do narrow grip or reverse grip pull-ups.

The bottom line is:

Efficient power tower exercises for the back muscles include pull-ups that rely also on your use of your own body weight.

Here are some ways to make your power tower workout routine a little more challenging:

  •    Use ankle weights or weighted belt to increase the body-weight for added resistance.
  •    Mix your power tower exercises – add variety. This could be with low repetitions and    high number of sets or high repetitions and low number of sets.
  •   Try alternating grips.

You’ll find some power towers with padded dip bars which are perfect for vertical leg or knee raises.

Such workouts are almost the same as those done with a pull-up bar. This supports your back, making it comfortable to deal with the motion and perform your power tower exercises more effectively.

Your Abs

Training for a six pack abdominals has become easier with the power tower workout routine. You can use a variety of pull-ups and chin-ups for effective work on your biceps, forearms, back and shoulders

While your grip can also be strengthened with these exercises, your abs will benefit from the power tower that carries the Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) station. In addition to your abdominal muscles your oblique muscles – or side abdominals, where love handles can develop without exercise – will also be strengthened.

Want to know the best part?

Your power tower carries a special back and arm pads that allow you to rest even as you do this vertical knee raise exercise.

Yes, your abs will be strengthened with vertical leg and knee raises, most effective power tower exercises for upper and lower abs.

It might be a little difficult to do at first, but these moves are very efficient! Want to make your power tower workout routine more effective?

Here are a few tips:

  •   Cross your ankles and hold a dumbbell between them. This adds resistance to your        routine.
  •   Make sure your knees are raised diagonally and in a straight movement. Diagonal movements train your oblique muscles while the straight movement addresses your core abdominals.
  •   Keep your back firmly against the power tower pad. Do not arch or bend it.

An example power tower workout routine

Now let’s look at a power tower workout plan that uses the power tower equipment and your own body-weight.

Notice that this workout routine will target every part of the body at the same time. Your body will be fully worked out with these power tower exercises.

Depending on how fit you are, you can attempt the suggested repetitions and sets in these routines. Go for at least three sets.

Not all the movements are easy:

You’ll need to find out what combination of repetitions and sets are right for you,

Here is a 3-set power tower workout routine that even a beginner can use:

  •    Wide grip pull ups – minimum 5 reps
  •    Push ups – minimum 10 reps.
  •   Triceps Dip – minimum 5 reps
  •    Hanging knee raises – minimum 10 reps
  •    Reverse grip pull up – minimum 5 reps
  •    Body weight squat – minimum 10 reps

Remember to rest for a maximum of 2 minutes between these workout exercises

You’ll need to do more repetitions and sets as you get more accustomed to these power tower workout routines.

Before buying a Power Tower

Believe it or not, there are a few things to consider as you look for a power tower to buy.

First of all, where are you going to put it? Make sure that you have enough space in your home suitable for this equipment. This space should be a dedicated space where you can comfortably use your power tower for your power tower workout routine without having to worry about anyone else, like children, messing with it.

Another thing to take into consideration is the group of muscles you need to develop most. Power towers are designed primarily for toning your abdominal muscles, shoulders, legs and arms, but the market also provides numerous options for power towers with attachments that allow resistance training. These options will allow you to develop other muscles including your core.

Then there is safety:

If there are kids in your home, check that your power tower does not carry items that are suspended, or involves a sling strap, or two. Check that the base is either immovable or sufficiently weighted to prevent it from shifting or falling over.

Other things to look out for in buying your power tower include:

  •   A bench you can detach
  •    Racks for stacking dumbbells or free weights
  •   An all-in-one power tower or equipment that promotes general health and fitness.

Making your power tower work for you

You have bought your power tower. Now it’s time to use it effectively and get the most from your equipment. For the best experience using your power tower workout plan, here are a few things to consider:

  •  Your music – no workout is complete without good music so pay attention to this. Your playlist should motivate you to stick to your power tower workout plan.
  •   The muscle groups you intend to exercise – bring excitement to your workout with different exercises for each day, so you don’t get bored. Your power tower comes with a complete guide on the different types of exercises and workouts you can do. You can also find other interesting power tower exercises online.
  •    Pacing yourself – avoid doing too much during your power tower workout routine. Even if you feel incredible before your workout, take your time and aim for slow and steady muscle building or body toning efforts. It’s easier to set and achieve minor goals. Give yourself a reward when you succeed.
  •  Your diet – a great power tower workout plan can be badly affected by poor diet, so pay attention to what you consume. Ensure that you take nutrients that help your muscles and reduce fat.
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