Rogue Bolt Together Utility Bench Review

If you checked out our best bench press rack guide then you know that our solution to benching at home in the “dungeon” was a flat bench inside of our Rogue SML-1 Squat Stand which we consider the best power rack out there.  Here is a full review of the rogue bolt together utility bench.

Rogue Bolt Together Utility Bench Specs Review

The rogue bolt together utility bench was the first product that I considered simply because I knew I would be ordering the squat stand from Rogue.  It just made sense to try and order everything from the same place in order to save on shipping.

*Pro tip- Try to order everything at the same time in order to save on shipping, the costs really add up over time because most of these products will weight over 50lbs.

The basic criteria that needed to be met for me to purchase a bench had to deal with the pad width.  I really did not want anything less than 12in if possible so that we could mimic a competition bench set up as close as possible.  I searched for hours to try and find benches that would be the correct height and then finally gave up, most benches that come from a weightlifting/powerlifting retailer will be CLOSE.  I would not advice you to buy a flat bench from anyone other than these types of retailers because you are going to be bringing weight capacities into play.  It makes no sense to buy something that you could potentially outgrow.

One thing that I really liked about this bench was the actual set up was minimal.  Less bolts=less things to go wrong when you are on your back holding weights over your face.  Rogue also offers thicker, bigger pads that you can upgrade should you want to.

The pad material is vinyl and does a good job of keeping us in place while driving during a bench.  We haven’t had too many instances of losing an arch as compared to the slicker surfaces that you will find on many commercial gym benches.

 Watch our video review of the Rogue Bolt Together Utility Bench

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