Rogue SML-1 Review

In our best power rack for home guide I mentioned that we ended up purchasing the Rogue SML-1 Squat Stand.  Here it is in all of it’s glory

Rogue SML-1 Review PROS

There are numerous positives to owning the SML-1.  The overall construction is high quality and sturdy. I don’t have the rack or “squat stand” as they call it bolted to the ground, I have no doubt that this would improve the set up but I can’t really do it.  Regardless the thing isn’t  going anywhere.

  • Height – The rack is just over 6′ tall which is perfect for a basement gym with height restrictions
  • Width– The squat rack width between the j cups is a bit wider than other racks that I’ve used, this really is an added benefit when my shoulders ache and I need to extend my hand width while squatting
  • Setup– Putting this together was really fast, I think I did it in less than 30 min.
  • Westside Hole Pattern– You have a lot of options for rack heights etc
  • Safety– The spotter arms are very sturdy and well constructed
  • UHMW Plastic Inserts in the JCUPS to protect your bar
  • Shipping – It only took 2 days to arrive in a few small boxes (see below)
  • Adjustability- Jcups and spotter arms are extremely easy and fast to adjust
  • Accessorize!-3×3 tubing allows you to still use many of Rogues attachments and accessories

Rogue SML-1 Review CONS

This wouldn’t be a real review if I didn’t state some of the drawbacks to the SML-1.  There aren’t many, but these are somethings that you need to get used to

  • The uprights are basically in the middle of the footprint of the rack, this is really why it is a squat stand versus a rack.  You need to adjust your walk out to align yourself with the spotter arms
  • Many people will gripe about the price vs all the other things you need to buy.  The rack and jcups are the standard, you need to purchase the spotter arms and other things as accessories and add ons
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