Sit Up Bench Workouts – Tips For Beginners

The goal of this article is to show you how to use an ab bench. In doing so, we will focus on some best ab bench exercises. We will cover incline and decline ab bench exercises.

There are many ways to work on your abs. They are as follows:

  1. You can work out with your body weight only, no instrument at all.
  2. You can do floor based workouts with weights.
  3. You can use workout instruments but only body weight as resistance.
  4. You can use instruments and weight for resistance.

In this article, we will talk about number 3. And the only instrument we will deal with is sit up bench. We will show you how to use this instrument.

Top Sit Up Bench and Workout

To know how you use sit up bench, you need to know what s sit up bench is. For this reason, we are showing you three sit up benches.

1. XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench Workout

Are you dreaming of enhancing your abs? Are you dreaming of building a perfect six pack? Are you dreaming of cutting down the extra layer of fat hanging over your stomach? Then here is the good news. This home gym equipment offers you a whole nine yards of workouts to shape your midsection the way you want. It allows the performers to aim their abs from several different angles.

It allows them to work out several critical exercises to achieve the goal. You use your own body weight for resistance with this instrument. You can perform declined crunch and declined sit up. It allows you to work out also inclined leg raise, inclined knee raise, and slanted twist. It has a comfortable slope platform for lying down. The angle of this platform is adjustable at 12 different positions. Thus, you can change the amount of resistance by changing the angles. Its features include also a support handle and two panels of leg rollers.

Thick cushions make the lying down bench and leg rollers comfortable. 14 gauge steel constructs its main frame. And thus, it guarantees extended durability as well as steadiness. Also, it is scratch proof. You would want to keep it visible because of its classy look. You want this instrument to enhance both your physical appearance and home decoration.

2. Stamina Pro Ab Bench Workout

This bench provides you terrific midsection power, peeled abs, and strong back muscles. It enables you to work out on your top and middle abdominal muscles. And you can perform them in four crunching positions ranging from 180 to a 30 degree slope. You can aim your bottom back muscles with stand-up hyper extension workouts.

A pull in and out system pin enables you to adjust the bench’s angle in quick and easy manner. This change allows you to enhance and lower your exercise intensity. The thigh support of the ab (hyper) bench is adjustable to match the length of your leg. The foam on the pivot ankle rollers secure your ankles to align your body in the proper workout position. It has thick padded bench for lying down and 4-level adjustable bench.

It provides comfortable vertical split thigh rest platforms. Its foot rests protect your feet against slipping. The hand grip bar has a universal width to match all hand sizes. Its heavy duty steel structure makes it durable. The slip proof rubber foot caps protect the floor. Its assembled dimension is 56 x 27 x 35 inches. And it is portable. You can perform knee raise and leg raise from horizontal position. It allows you to perform also standing reverse abs pull and horizontal knee twist. The manufacturer provides 5 year warranty for frame and 90 days warranty for parts.

3. Universal UB100 Decline Bench Workout

The UB100 is an amazing tool. It is a perfect tool for sit ups. But sit ups are not all. It allows you to perform almost all abs workouts. This is a classic ab machine. Its model follows an old school idea. The model is very user friendly.

Thus, as soon as you get on it, you already know what to do. It is good for home and gym. It fits all performance levels. There are two incline positions in this machine. 5 inch foam rollers wrap its knee rests and ankle guards. So, you feel utmost comfort while working out. It is a robust built but light weight machine. You can load as high as 200 pounds on it. But the tool itself weighs only 22 pounds. It is as small as 47 x 15 x 22 inches in dimension.

So, you can move it around as you please. And, it takes very small storage area. It is a very stable and durable tool. And guess what? You have to spend only a two digit amount to buy this tool. Can you imagine such an incredible price? This is a deal of your lifetime.

Sit Up Bench Workouts

By reviewing the above tools, you now know what a sit up bench is. You know its basic components. Every sit up bench has three common things: a bench, a knee rest, and an ankle locker. And, most of the tools will allow you to change the angle of the bench. By changing the angle, you can change the amount of resistance. But, changing resistance is not an essential need. Likewise, this feature is not compulsory either. Now, if you have this feature, adjust your bench at the desired angle. If you don't have it, then use it as it is.

Head towards the floor

Step 1: Position yourself

First, you need to set yourself up on the machine. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Stand next to the machine.
  2. Lift right leg and place your knee joint on the right knee rest.
  3. Set your right ankle joint under the right ankle guard.
  4. Sit on the bench.
  5. Shift your weight on the locked right leg.
  6. Lift your leg and place the left knee joint on the left knee rest.
  7. Lock your left ankle with the left ankle guard.
  8. Keep your legs locked.
  9. Lie down on the bench.
  10. Your head is now towards the floor

Step 2: Perform exercise

Now your head is towards the floor and you have your legs locked. At this position, you can perform four basic workouts as follows:

  1. Sit ups.
  2. Crunches.
  3. Isolated body twist.
  4. Body twist combo.

Head towards the ceiling

Step 1: Position yourself

Set yourself up on the machine by the following steps:

  1. Sit on the bench with leg towards the floor.
  2. Lie down on the bench.
  3. Reach over your shoulders and hold the knee rests.
  4. Extend your legs all the way if you want to perform leg raise or leg swing or
  5. Bend at the knee joints if you want to perform knee raise or knee swing

Step 2: Perform exercise

From this position, you can perform:

  1. Leg raise.
  2. Sideway leg swing.
  3. Knee raise.
  4. Sideway knee swing.


It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or pro. It doesn’t matter if you do full body exercise. Abs workouts are vital for everyday fitness. Use the mentioned machines and follow the given procedure. You will get result in the blink of an eye.

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