Situp Bar Workout

The situp bar is a small, effective, and cheap piece of abdominal exercise equipment. They are easily portable and can be adjusted to fit any door at home and on tour. Rubber padded clamps protect the door.

Other types can be mounted to the wall studs. Some doorway pull up bars can be easily used as situp bar too. There is a wide variety of products on the internet.

How to Use Them?

Simply put them under the door, fasten them, adjust the foot restraint and start exercising sit ups.

With a situp bar, workout is possible anytime anywhere. We can exercise sit ups, crunches, torso twists, leg raises, and more.

Very helpful are pictures and videos found on the internet. Some of the sit up bars come with a video or a wall chart which explains how to exercise in the right way.

This is important. Doing a lot of situps in a jerky manner could cause lower back pain.

More Pros Than Cons

The best is: The situp bar is always ready to use. No time wasting to drive to the gym. No babysitter for the little kids is necessary. Sit up bars are perfect for the home workout.

They support training to tone and strengthen the abs, thighs, and mid-section. We can especially build up stomach muscles. Sit ups are helpful exercises, if someone wants a better feeling in the mid-section. One can start with a few sit ups per day, and do more step by step.

How many calories will I burn...

while the workout? The true answer is: Not many calories will be burned. More calories get burned with cardiovascular exercises like going jogging or better HIIT.

The Benefits of Situp Bar

But the beneficial thing with exercises like sit ups is: One will build up muscles. More muscles lead to higher metabolism; the body uses more calories in the state of rest. Sit up bar exercises are a considerable first step to get the body in better shape, to become stronger, and to feel better.

Some experts warn to do sit ups, crunches, and torso twists in order to get six pack abs; even with the help of a sit up bar. That would not burn the fat. They say – for example – wrong performed sit ups could lead to lower back pain.

As explained above: Burning calories while using the situp bar is not the goal. The goal is to get stronger muscles to increase the metabolism for long term calorie burning and change the body from fat to muscle.

Of course, people who can manage to add cardiovascular training will lose fat faster. A mix would be the best.

Another worthwhile tip is to have a closer look at the chart or video coming with the situp bar. That teaches us how to use the sit up bar in the right way for the best results.

Final Word

The situp bar certainly is an excellent, cheap, and easy to handle accessory of abdominal exercise equipment for a workout at home and everywhere. Especially busy people appreciate it.

Sit up bars help to build up strong stomach muscles and give a flatter and slimmer look. Take a little time to have a look at the great assortment of sit up bars and doorway pull up bars and choose the appropriate one for you.

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