Stability Ball Exercise For Abs

Thinking about abdominal exercise equipment, an abdominal exercise ball, also called stability ball, does not come in our mind as the first choice. Correct is: They support effective different types of exercises, many in combination with medicine balls.

A good quality ball is burst resistant. Mostly they are made of elastic soft PVC. Neat colors and diameters from 14 to 35 inches (35 to 85 centimeters) are available.

For medicine ball exercises, there is a wide range varieties in rubber, vinyl, and leather. They weigh 2 to 15 pounds.

How To Use A Stability Ball?

Choose your abdominal exercise ball suitable to your size:

  • For body height to 4’8”, the ball should have a diameter of 45 cm or 18 inches.
  • For body height 4’8” to 5’3”, the diameter should be 55 cm or 22 inches.
  • For body height 5’3” to 6’0”, the diameter should be 65 cm or 26 inches.
  • For body height 6’0” to 6’7”, the diameter should be 75 cm or 30 inches.

There are lots of exercise ball exercises we can do

It is a good idea to check the charts that mostly come with the ball or on videos. For six pack abs or simply to stabilize the abs, crunches are the first choice: Sit on the abdominal exercise ball and roll forward.

Put your lower and mid back on top of the ball. The thighs and torso should be parallel to the floor. The feet are placed firmly on the floor.

Placing the feet wider apart gives stability. Put your hands beside your head or support the head with the hands. Crunch the upper body towards the hips but not more than 45 degrees. It is crucial to contract the abs for a second at the top point. Then slowly return and repeat.

Keep the ball stable. Start with a few crunches per day, and increase step by step when you become stronger. 1 – 3 sets of 12 – 16 reps will be fine.

This abdominal exercise is a good first step for a personal exercise ball exercise program. To work out the oblique muscles, you can do the same exercises by moving the feet closer together. Exercising in this less stable position strengthens the oblique muscle.

Add A Medicine Ball For Advanced Training

The medicine ball is excellent for harder stomach training. Medicine ball exercises are similar to normal ball crunches: Sit on the big exercise ball and hold the medicine ball. Move the feet forward till the ball supports the back. Hold the medicine ball over your head and curl forward lifting the shoulder blades off the ball. Stop for a second at the top, and then slowly go to the starting position.

Personal Trainers recommend doing these medicine ball exercises slowly. So you will not bounce on the ball. Keep the arms overhead as long as possible for intensive effect on the abs.

Take A Look at Pros & Cons

Exercising on a ball instead a hard floor avoids injuries. Keeping the balance engages and strengthens more muscles. Exercise ball exercise helps athletes to strengthen their abdominal and oblique muscles.

It is not only beneficial for wrestlers and boxers. It is suitable for everyone. Even if we do not want or get six packs, it helps to feel stronger and look better. After a while, the clothes fit better.

With increasing muscle mass, the metabolism will increase too. The body will use more calories than before. This supports a healthy and natural way to lose fat.

Belongs to The Best Exercises

A study of the San Diego State University compared 13 common abdominal exercises. The crunches on an abdominal exercise ball are in third on the list of best exercises for abs behind bicycle crunch exercise and captains chair exercise.

Besides, the ball is also suitable for many other exercises. Both, the abdominal exercise ball and the medicine ball, are cheap and easy to store at home.

Sit on It!

Some people even use the big ball as a chair at the table or desk. The idea is to keep abdominals and back muscles engaged and active while sitting, but this effect is not scientifically proofed.

Little Criticism

There are just a few critical voices about using the abdominal exercise ball as a chair due to ergonomic considerations.

Other criticism mostly has to do with wrong performance. It is not good to bounce on or off the ball. It is not good to perform in a fast and uncontrolled manner. To avoid unhealthy effects, it is advantageous to learn from the charts, which come with the balls.

Round, Simple, Inexpensive, Effective

Exercise ball exercises are simple but effective. Besides, those balls are inexpensive and easy to store. Combined abdominal exercise ball and medicine ball stomach training works the abs and oblique muscles remarkably well.

Everybody can work with those balls. It helps to feel better and to keep body in a good shape, no matter what age we are.

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