Titan HD Power Rack Review

I continuously search for new home gym equipment and new pieces of equipment that could benefit pursuit to strength training at home.  As you know, we have our own rack solution that we discussed in our best power rack for home guide and we were severely limited to choices for a squat and bench solution that would work in a low ceiling gym.  Because of this, I overlooked numerous other racks such as the Titan HD Power Rack for the simple fact that it wouldn’t fit in the basement.  The more I look at this rack though, the more I realize that it is a GREAT DEAL for the money.

A Review of the Titan HD Power Rack

The price of this cage fluctuates quite a bit, I’ve seen it as low as 409.00 with FREE SHIPPING on amazon.  At this price, it might just be one of the best squat racks for home that you can get.  The free shipping aspect is certainly a plus with any piece of gym equipment, normally you get killed on shipping charges due to the weight of each piece.  This rack alone weighs 230lbs so if you are ready to pull the trigger then I would watch amazon closely and snatch up the free shipping deal when it presents itself.


Titan has done a good job taking into account all the accessories that one wants when looking for a squat and bench power rack for their home gym.

The rack comes standard with a westside hole pattern which, in my opinion should be how every power rack is made.  If you are going to be both squatting and benching within the rack then you need the westside hole pattern (1″ spacing throughout the bench zone).  This also might be the only rack available on amazon with a westside hole pattern, something to consider.  Your other options are to go with a rogue rack and you definitely aren’t going to find one in the $400 - $500.00 price range.

Along with the westside hole pattern, the Titan HD features safety pins, plate storage, and a chin up bar.  All of these options become incredibly convenient once you have them, especially the plate storage.  For those of you that train with accommodating resistance  you will also see band pegs at the bottom of the picture.  Another great feature that is stock with this product and pretty much an add-on for another other rack.


The only con that I can think of with this home squat rack is that there are a few complaints about the J-Cups and bar wear.  I really don’t know what people expect when they train, apparently that all their equipment remains pristine and unscathed.  That’s just not the nature of strength training.  With that being said, there are some complaints about the J-Cups that I felt should be brought up.  Possible solutions? Order new J Cups or stop caring if your bar gets scratched. I certainly wouldn’t let the J-Cups be the limiting factor in this buying decision.

Final Thoughts

This might actually be the best power rack available on Amazon or even online for it’s price.  If you read about my criteria for what I wanted in a power rack  then you will see that this has everything and more.  If height wasn’t an issue in my basement then I would most definitely be grabbing up this as the corner stone for a home gym.

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