Vertical Knee Raise Chin Dip Stations Exercise

A vertical knee raise station is a self-standing device of home exercise equipment. You can do the same effective abs workout like using ab straps, but you have the benefit to hang in a fixed and supported position.

Often those machines are "vertical knee raise chin dip stations". That means: They have added dip bars and a chin up bar. With this combination, people can work all of the upper body muscles with one rack system.

Details About This Super Tower

Vertical knee raise chin dip stations look like little towers. The main construction is a vertical knee raise: A metal rack with padded arm rests and upholstered back support. You can work out the abs vertically with the comfort of a well supported upper body.

Added dip bars and chin up bars improve the machine. The dip bars are like an extension of the arm rests. For the chin up bar, the construction has a bar overhead. Chin up bars are also called chinning bar or pull up bar.

A vertical knee raise chin and dip station is in almost every fitness studio, but it is something special to have at home. In case there is no room for a home gym, a corner of the master bedroom or the garage should fit.

Workout Tips

A light warm up and stretching before the vertical knee raise chin dip station workout is recommended – for instance 5 minutes warm up 10 minutes stretching. Then step on the foot rests. Put your lower arms on the arm rests, press the back against the back rest and let the legs hang.

This supported position lets you well concentrate on abs and obliques, much better as with hanging straps. Perform leg raises, leg twists, and crunches. With the vertical knee raise, the exercises are made from a safe position. Working against the resistance of body weight and gravity optimizes the workout.

Pull ups and chin ups are the most effective chin up bar exercises. Pull ups (overhand grip) work out the back and the lats. Chin ups (with an underhand grip pull until the chin is above the bar) strengthens the lower lats, shoulders and biceps.

The dip station is suitable to develop the chest and the triceps.

Put your hands on the dip bars and hold your arms straight. Slowly lower your body as far as possible. Then press the body up to the start position. You can change the exercise by leaning the body more forward to involve more chest muscles.

The foot rests of the vertical knee raise chin and dip station are helpful for the start position. Some of the exercises are hard to work. Don’t be frustrated if you are not able to do it the first time. Keep going. A reasonable first goal would be 3 to 5 sets of 8 reps, 2 times a week.

Look at the chart which comes with the station or watch a few videos. Pick a few exercises for your first program. All exercises on the vertical knee raise chin dip station should be performed slowly and concentrated. Avoid a leverage effect by jerking or swinging body or feet. Don’t forget to breathe evenly.

Why Vertical Knee Raise With Chin And Dip Bars?

The vertical knee raise station gives the best support to develop your abs. Added chin and dip bars dont need more space, but extends the workout options immensely.

Using such a tower, you can strengthen and tone the whole upper body muscles. In the vertical position, you get the resistance of body weight and gravity. That is more effective and safer for your back as lying on the floor.

Arm rests and back pad avoid strain on the lower back. A sturdy construction, a padded back rest, padded arm rests, and foot rests optimize the safety and support correct and concentrated exercises.

Even if you are not focused on a six pack, you soon will feel and see the results of stronger muscles. You see the better posture and slimmer waist.

You feel a better breathing and getting stronger. Besides, your basal metabolism will increase, and the body burns more calories. That is not for a crash weight loss, but it supports a healthy lasting weight loss and weight control remarkably well.

A vertical knee raise chin dip station in any corner at home is always ready to serve you for exercises in privacy. That helps busy people to use it. Whether you do it regularly or just in the spare free minutes of your busy day – everything is beneficial for you.

It is not easy to find cons for the vertical knee raise chin and dip station. One con is its bulky construction. Yes, it is not for the hand baggage. It is made to have a little space in a corner of your home, to be always ready to serve you for safe and well supported multiple muscle-defining exercises.

Another con is: It is not for the lower body. That’s correct. It is to workout the upper and mid body. Additional leg training would be an excellent idea.

Vertical Knee Raise Summary

A vertical knee raise chin dip station is more than a piece of abdominal exercise equipment. You can workout the abs and obliques with the vertical knee raise, the chest and triceps with the dip bars, and the back, lats, shoulders, and biceps with the chinning bar. It is a free standing station, needs a little corner in your home and is always ready to serve you to strengthen and tone your body and to stay in shape.

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