Weight Loss and Workout Diet Plan

Workout alone will take you nowhere. There are some other compulsory factors too. Proper dieting is one of them. In this article, we offer you a diet plan. Follow it as it is. And you will succeed.

Food Guide

The term “dieting” confuses many. But there is nothing confusing about it. So don’t get scared by this term. In fact, whatever you eat is a diet. And, the main idea is it can be a good or bad diet. We have made your diet. But, you are the one to put them together. You choose your food. The only limit is that you choose from our menu and use our formula. But our menu gives you a lot to choose from.

This menu offers a 12-week program. Each week has two parts: 6 days and 1 day. The first 6 days you eat the prescribed diet. And, on the 7th day, you eat whatever you want to. Every 12 week, you can repeat it back to back. But, remember we say “can” but not “must”. This means this is a one 12-week program. After the course, you are free to continue or abandon.

Note in Video ** Indicates the food should be fat free or low fat.

Diet Overview

Getting Your Target Body:

Dieting does not mean losing weight. It’s not about a slim waistline or more energy. Your metabolism is very important part of your weight control. Look at the young kids. Every day they can brownies only and drink 10 cups of kool aid, but still gaining no weight. Why? Because they have high metabolism. This is one of the main things that affect our weight. A high metabolism helps you lose weight. But, a low metabolism causes you to gain weight. So, you need to jack up your metabolism to lose weight.

Loss of metabolism after 30 is a natural process. That’s why we tend to gain weight as we grow older. So, what does this tell you? You need to raise your metabolism.You need to change some things. You need to work a bit harder to stay in proper shape. This does not apply to persons below 30. The foods you intake have a great impact on your body. Here our focus is to change your food menu. Our aim is not to educate you on how many calories you will take. We are not specifying what you must eat. But what we are prescribing here is a parameter. And, this parameter targets metabolism control.

Body Overview


Suppose you are on a diet plan. But you have no weight loss. You feel weak. You have no stamina. You are always dizzy. And you cannot focus. What does this mean? It means your diet is not a quality diet. You are depriving your body of nutrition. So, your diet must have proper nutritious factors.

Quick and abrupt loss of weight:

It’s no good to lose 10 pounds in a week. This type of loss means you are losing meat but not much fat. In fact, in a 10 pounds weight loss, muscle loss is 6 pounds. Losing weight by means of muscle loss means you will gain the weight right back with some extra pounds. So, you need to balance it. To counter this problem, you need proper diet and workout. The diet we are offering here will make sure loss of fat weight. And it will save your muscles.

Six meals:

Discard your three meal routine. You must have six meals per day. Below is an example of your six meals. Use it as a formula to choose items from the chart above in the first paragraph. Pick from the chart and fit it in this formula:


What we call it is “portion”. It is the idea of proportionate. You eat proportionate to your size. Every day you are eating a portion of carbohydrates and protein with every meal. The size of a portion is about the size of your fist. So, it is easy to determine how much you would eat.

Free day:

You will take a break and relax once a week. Taking break does not mean a “break” as we understand it. It means you are free to eat whatever you like to. But this also is a vital part of the diet plan. It is necessary for stimulating your mind. And the mind must stay lively to make the body work.

*Note: You should eat the sixth meal about 1 hour before bed.


No, we are not saying you can never eat again. It is a 12-week diet plan. Maintain it for 12 weeks only. It gives you a wide range of foods to choose from. Also, they are not too bad for your taste. But they are the result of seasoned research. We guarantee you will get result if you follow it as it is. Yet, you need to remember that dieting alone cannot build you. Well, it can shape you. “Shape” you in the sense that you will lose weight, even if you don’t workout. But, to “build”, you need workout also. Plus, there are some more vital factors. Said this, the main topic of this article was to offer you a proper diet plan. And that’s what we have done.

Eat six meals per day. Follow the six meal formula. Use the food chart to choose your item. Eat portion of carbohydrate and protein. Use the specific foods and the formula to make your meal. Make proper use of your free day. And, you will need nothing else. You can follow this diet plan without a second thought. Yes, we are that confident. You will get the result you are looking forward to.

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