What’s the Best Piece Of Equipment To Get In Shape?

The One Tool You Must Ha​ve To Get In Shape

With spring officially here, I’ve decided to change my training focus and get in shape.  We just came off a diet and losing 10 lbs and I needed a fresh outlook on things.  I decided to get back to my roots and train for me.  What exactly does that mean? My goals are now oriented on things that I think are cool and am invested in working hard to achieve.  One of the things that has been in the back of my mind as of late was the idea that in pursuit of strength, I had been becoming less and less athletic.  I was sacrificing strength goals for quality of health and we dealt with that a bit when we decided to diet.  The next thing that I realized was that I didn’t really care how I looked if I could increase my performance of what I consider to be the best tool for conditioning out there: The Prowler

The Best Tool To Get In Shape

For those of you that are not familiar, the prowler is a metal sled that allows additional weight to be added to each of the black “horns”.  It is extremely adaptable to the user and ensures that everyone that has the pleasure of touching it can puke their face off in 10-15 minutes of sprinting.  In short, it works for everyone.

With the weather finally breaking, I decided it was time to drag this thing out of the basement and push it until nausea ensued.  I set some goals to work towards and got to work.  The nice thing about using the prowler is that you have the opportunity to out-train your diet(read:eat what you want and still stay in shape).

I’ll be using the prowler for the next few months….aiming for 3x a week and training 2x a week as a way to help recovery.

The driveway is roughly 30yds long so each push/sprint is 30yds (one direction) and that is PLENTY.

Here are some general recommendations to START training with the prowler:

Women: 50lbs (additional weight) x10

Men: 90lbs (additional weight) x10

What I like about the Prowler

I’ve said this before, but the prowler is probably the most versatile piece of equipment that you can add to your home gym equipment  (aside from a power rack).  You can use the prowler as a conditioning tool (lighter weight, shorter rests) or as a tool to build strength (load up with weight and get it from point A to point B).  You can push it from high handles, low handles, drag or pull the sled to work various body parts.

If I had to choose three exercises/movements to use to train with, the prowler would definitely be one of the movements and here is why….

Prowler Benefits

  • Reduces soreness (no negative phase compared to sprinting)
  • No technique needed (just PUSH)
  • Total body workout
  • No spinal loading (great for rehab or strengthening the body after injury)
  • Builds GPP/work capacity

If you are looking to get in shape as fast as possible then this is one piece of equipment that you NEED to add to your training arsenal…

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